Information and Forms

If you are looking for forms and guidance on time-trialling the CTT website has a wealth of information.

CTT Matters - Safety April 2014

This "Newsletter" is an official document published by the National Committee. It contains important information on risk assessments, the reporting of accidents, and the process for the procurement for CTT-approved Cycle Event signage.

Who does what on this website?

Here is a clarification of who supplies information for this website and whom to contact if corrections are necessary.

Applications for Open Events

Clubs wishing to organise open events in 2014 can download the application form from here open_application_2012%20%282012_11_07%2021_47_26%20UTC%29.doc

The Erection of Cycle Event Signage

Guidance note 17, "The Erection of Cycle Event Signage", has recently been revised.  Click "Read More" to see the updated guidance note. 

Also, if you are looking for forms etc, the Information section on this website contains a link to the Forms and Guidance Notes section of the CTT website.

Key Nutritional Facts Leaflet

Here is the Key Nutritional Facts leaflet, which was produced by Miranda Harris.

Changes to the website

The Midland DC website has had some extensive changes for the start of 2012. Click "Read more" to find out more about this. Links to this site (eg from club websites) may need to be updated.

Other Information

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