The district informs me that this website is no longer required.

I was originally asked to keep the domain name so it could be transferred to the new district website when that became ready. However, I now understand that the CTT National website will have provisions for district websites at some point in the future so midlanddc.org.uk is no longer needed. The domain expires on 22/10/2018 and will not be renewed (unless someone can think of a good use for it!)

Midlands Rankings

I will continue compiling the Midlands Rankings until (at least) the end of the year. They can be found at midland.tt-rankings.org.uk. Whether I continue after that will depend on whether there's sufficient demand. CTT now has its own national rankings system which may serve as a suitable replacement - though it's built on rather different principles.

Facebook page

The Midland Facebook page continues at www.facebook.com/groups/MidsCTT. The original intention was that this would be the district's official Facebook page. However, as few district officials have engaged with it, it's probably more accurate to regard it as an independent place for people interested in the Midlands time trial scene.

That's all for now.


Steve Lockwood
18th August 2018